This Punjabi Film Won National Award and Went to Cannes for Film Screening and Nobody Knows

With glaring media attention always on Bollywood, regional cinema often goes unnoticed. And that’s sad as there are some truly gifted filmmakers making outstanding films that deserve all our attention and appreciation. Yes, there has been a shift in audience perception and films like Thithi (Kannada) & Sairat (Marathi) are creating records but there’s still a long way to go before regional cinema is at par with Hindi movies in terms of popularity. What will help is certainly good content routinely produced by regional film industries and thankfully, that is happening and how!


One such jewel is the movie called ‘Chauthi Koot’

The Film also won the prestigious National Award in 2016

It highlights the political unrest in the 80’s where the fear was instilled amongst the masses, even prohibiting the families to pet cattle.

The second recounts the journey of Hindu and Sikh men travelling in an almost empty train.


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