Priyanka Chopra and her mom celebrating in London and making us green with envy

The international superstar and a household name now, Priyanka Chopra whisked her mom, Madhu Chopra as the mother-daughter duo celebrated latter’s birthday in the midst of blingy London lights. From exotic gourmet to fancy wine and dine, PC has swept her mom’s floor with an amazing surprise party. Take a look at these pictures which will make you want to go to London right away.

1.1Birthday night well-spent in London Town. We wish you never age.


1.2PC rocking the street-style in white shoes and a casual outfit for the day. #LikeABoss


1.3Food is art. Slurpp.


1.4We’re sure PC and her mum loves beautiful food


1.5Wine, dine and pretty roses for a pretty night at London


1.6All things exotic … Reminds you of the song 😛


1.7Take my hand. Take my whole life too. <3

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