Priya Kataria: Sun, Sand

A mannequin wearing a gold gown stands in designer’s Pria Kataria Puri’s Bandra apartment. It seems to be a nod, not just to her profession, but also to her personal sense of style. Not only does she have a taste for high-end labels, but also values her heirloom pieces.

Fashion sensibility:“I like wearing exclusive things. If I have to wear something, I don’t want to see anybody else wearing it.”

Closet staples: “I divide my time between USA, Kuwait and India. So my wardrobe in all three countries is different. In the US, my staples would be T-shirts and jeans. For Mumbai and Kuwait, it’s resort-wear, like maxis. My current staple is culottes. Believe it or not, I went to Zara and bought them in all colours.”




Colour crazy: “I’ve realised that the colour I wear affects my mood. So, now, I have vibrant colours like yellow and electric blue. Even my workout clothes are in neon yellow and pink. I’ve stopped wearing black because it made me feel dull. I wear it only for red carpet events or when I’m travelling.”

Favourite shopping destinations: “I do a chunk of my shopping in Kuwait. It’s the best shopping destination in the world, and not many people are aware of it. You’ll find the most exclusive pieces there because Kuwaitis are rich and like to dress up. I also like vintage stores in San Francisco, and in New York, on Thompson Street.”

Favourite brands: “Zara for casual clothing; Hermes and Chanel for bags. If you tell me there’s no cap on my shopping budget, I’ll go to Chanel and buy the whole store.”

Bag it: “I’ve been collecting bags for the last 15 years. In Kuwait, I have six cupboards full of them. I like spacious bags; big enough to keep my essentials in.”

Impulsive shopper: “I buy something only when I love it enough to not be able to breathe without it.”

Glass act: “I like sunglasses that are glamourous and chunky. My favourite ones are these jewelled D&G glasses that I wear a lot. Even my friends love them.”

Organisational skills: “Because my wardrobe is scattered in three countries, I often don’t know what I own. So I photograph every bag and shoe. That way I know what could go with a particular outfit.”

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