Playing Safe this Holi on March 10, 2020

Holi brings such a colorful experience to the Spring Season, but its important to remember to play a Safe Holi! So remember the first rule is that Holi should never involve chemical colors, only herbal colors. If you cannot ensure that the people you play with are not playing safe, then its best to shy away from them or wear a protective oil layer or sun tan lotion to protect your delicate skin. You can choose from Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Gel Based Sunscreen,  Cold Cream, even Coconut oil. Also you may use Lip Balm to protect the lips.

In case harmful chemicals do get into your skin, do not try to forcibly rub it off, as this may damage it even further. Instead, wash it off gently.

Also, be sure to check whether and if you have allergies to any chemical dyes, and if so best avoid them! Applying Hair Serum is also a must as some of the harmful chemical dyes also viscously attack the hair filaments. So tie a braid, girls, and apply serum and sesame oil to protect your hair! Avoid wearing accessories, and NEVER blow dry your hair after colors have been applied. When cleaning off the colors be sure to dab some cotton in oil to gently rub off colors.

As for dressing up be sure to wear light cotton fabrics which are easily washable and make sure you do not inhale the colors, or unnecessarily expose eyes and mouth to any harmful chemicals.

So turn up the bass google  for Holi Songs playlist and then tune into lists like to play non stop serious fun this Blessed Holi!

So be sure to play a safe, fun and healthy Holi this spring, and as always do let us know how your Holi experience was unique!

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