Play More Work Less with OLIO

OLIO is a series of bite-sized stories that emphasize mood, rather than delving into plot. Emerging from a friendship of ideas, spaces and individuals, OLIO was brought together by a mutual love for geometry, getting lost in parks and all things sushi. Their belief is to pursue design with intent, to create borderless products, shifting the beat with changing seasons and trends, while staying true to the rhythm. Their sole objective is getting hands dirty, and enjoying every bit of it. And strongly believe that nobody can be uncheered with a balloon. How cool is that, right?

Contemporary pieces, designed to be worn day in and out, focusing on material and its interaction with the body. Unite fun with functionality, form with comfort, and character with colour, each piece is carefully handcrafted, celebrating natural imperfections of the hand at work. The brand enjoys working with materials that weather beautifully, so every nick, chip and dent is a testament to a life (well) lived. A big picture approach coupled with detail-oriented eye, their stories come together like layers of a toasty apple pie.










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