Play it safe before you Play it HARD

First things first: it is okay to want to fuck without the hassles of feelings screwing with your head. It is not a cardinal sin to fulfill physical desires of the sexual kind outside the construct of a relationship, or marriage. It is okay to want sex. Also, sexual dependency on an emotionally unavailable person, or an abusive piece of turd, in the name of a partner is way worse than you might be willing to admit to yourself.

So, don’t overthink it, just get down to it. But do keep in mind a few things that will ensure that you get optimum fun sans emotional exhaustion, so that the experience doesn’t turn out to be a bummer for you, as well as your casual lover.

Go big or Go home


The fact that your bae for the night zeroed in on you, and vice versa, is enough proof for you to feel confident that they WANT you. Just be yourself, or keep the play pretense on, whatever floats your boat. But go with the flow. As long as you don’t smell of rotten eggs from any of your orifices, you are good to fuck.

Carry your Protective shield always


By which we, primarily, mean use protection. Also, be sure of where you want to have sex: be it your house, the partner’s house, or a hotel, if need be. In case you want to be extra safe, let a friend  know what you are up to, and where you are headed, lest you need someone to bail you out in case things go haywire, or if you change your mind at the last minute.

Unleash the innovative you


Get rid of all your inhibitions, and be someone you have never been. You have nothing to lose, and you don’t owe anything to anyone. Get them to fuck your brains out. Improvise, role play, try different positions – take all the time you need to focus on all the sexual fantasies that you have been sitting on. And if the person you are fucking is slightly adventurous, then you are definitely in luck. You may not know them very well, but let your bodies, and the sexual chemistry between the two of you, do all the talking.

Don’t give in too much


You don’t have to. Don’t confuse casual sex as a mission to find true love, one pelvic thrust at a time. See it for what it is: sex with no strings attached. You may or may not want to see this person’s face again in the future, but keep things very light, happy, playful, and cool in the moment. Keep your deep dark secrets and all your psychosis to yourself. That is not what either of you is there for. Just insane, chill banter, okay. Nothing intense.

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