Pick your favorite Pokemon Go Dress

Everybody who is not living under the rock would be well aware about the raging online game, Pokemon Go. Oh yes, from youngsters to adults, we can see them all busy searching for the ring and catching the pokemons. So, we thought why not dress up like your favorite pokemon. Here we give you the best of pokemon dress collection! Bring out your Pokemon factor now:

Sunny side up-Pikachu



If the chubby, endearing rodent Pikachu is your fave creature, opt for this happy yellow flared mini dress. Pair it with traffic stopping red boots and a backpack.


Aqua baby- Wartotrle

If you are a water baby like Wartortle, wear this bright blue mini dress. Keep those extras in shades of blue and beige.




Blush me pink- Jigglypuff

Go head-to-toe pink if you’re the cute Jigglypuff type. This pretty pink bardot dress and matching accessories will have you sorted.




In with nature- Bublasaur

If you’re a tree-hugger like Bulbasaur stay cool in a selection of lush greens. Mix different shades of the colour to break the monotony.


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