Perks of being a curvy woman.

Super-good-quality-BIKINI-swimsuit-fashion-BIKINI-Big-show-sexy-figureWhen we start talking about skinny woman and curvy woman- the debate is actually never ending. In a survey when asked the boys, they said they all prefer women with curves. People have wrong perception about curvy women. Curvy doesn’t mean fat. It’s just you have the right amount of vitals. Yes a perfect breast size, a slim thin waistline and a nicely shaped bum. Not necessary every woman with a figure of 36-24-36 Is curvy. A figure like 34-26-34 can also be called as curvy. Starting from Sonakshi Sinha to Kim Kardarshian- these stars are rocking the curvy figure trend beautifully. Not only in movies, these days ramps demands for models who are curvy. Gone are those days when being anorexic was in trend.



  • Let us see what the few advantages curvy women have over skinny are:
  • You don’t have to worry about wearing a push-up bra
  • Your body fills out your dress perfectly
  • Your sense of fashion is of course more unique
  • You don’t have to think about getting botox done-for instance boob jobs.
  • Your body is perfect what every man desires to have
  • Curves look so sexy when you are dancing in a club


  • Obviously you make the best cuddlers.




So what are you waiting for? Star working out from today to achieve the sexy curvy body.

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