The Perfectionist Pallavi Mohan

In a world constantly trying to tear itself apart, designer Pallavi Mohan is weaving a craft that can tie the world together with woolen tweeds and silk organza.



Because “the world needs to come together and celebrate diversity” says Pallavi who presented her autumn/winter 2016 collection at Amazon Fashion Week last March.

Titled ‘Synthesis’, the collection was an amalgamation of elements. An evolution of hand crafted techniques that have become hallmark of the designer’s brand: Not So Serious.

‘Synthesis’ features ideas beautifully constructed in dimensional layering techniques, precision laser cut leathers, interwoven strips for depth and visual complexity. Organic and spectral effects created by a kaleidoscope of organza elements and shingled panels are well documented in the collection too. Intricate hand details based on sea anemone inspired motifs and succulent florals along with fabric manipulation and three dimensional forms give life to this collection.



Trends: Luxurious materials like woolen tweeds, soft velvet, silk organza and satins form the core of the collection. Easy fit shapes and voluminous ensembles make this a prefect winter wardrobe.

Colour palette: Winter wine, amber and teal for the main color palette.

Enjoy as the myriad ideas, shapes and materials come together to form one cohesive set. Let’s all take a moment to also celebrate the diversity that makes our lives a meaningful whole. Let’s be tolerant and accepting. Synthesis in spirit.3

The opening look was a sharp and edgy silk organza playsuit in grey. It is designed with running stitch hand embroidery giving a three-dimensional form with the sleek leather-paneled pockets. I love the idea of layering in winters and have teamed the dress with a grey silk satin blouse, dark olive stockings and plum brogues.

The idea is to play around with myriad shapes and materials to create a cohesive look. This look is chic and versatile, it can be worn for a casual morning meeting and also for stylish evenings in winters.


We live in a world that is constantly trying to tear itself apart, this collection has taken the ideas from the past to their zenith and has brought them together in a powerful yet cohesive way. The world needs to come together and celebrate diversity. This ‘synthesis’ of ideas is a small manifestation of that philosophy.

The entire viewpoint of the collection is cohesiveness. Synthesis is all about being tolerant and accepting. This collection has something for everyone, it does not discriminate but instead celebrates the unique.



I designed the collection keeping in mind a girl who brings together and embraces different silhouettes with her confidence and flamboyance. She projects a powerful image, adorning the unique modern silhouettes but with her unique twist to it. She loves to layer her clothes and create a multitude of ensembles.

I launched ‘Not So Serious’ in 2007 which specializes in collections that merge western sensibilities with an Indian ethos. It was a journey that started on a lighter, fun note. It was more casual than formal and the ethos of the brand continues to develop in the same direction. After 9 years, the brand has a strong signature; it’s definitely stylish but not so serious.

The concept’s interpretation to its actualization took some time. ‘Synthesis’ as my theme, I wanted the looks to exactly interpret its meaning. The ideology that the ‘whole world needs to come together and celebrate diversity’ had to be translated through the collection pieces.

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