Your perfect partner-in-crime: Shirt Dresses

As much as we ADORE fashion, make-up, DIY, reading, writing, or basically anything that involves some kind of effort, the truest version of ourselves is one that is lazy. One of our biggest #lazygirl problems is getting ready to go anywhere. But we think we’ve found the perfect solution to that predicament through the shirt dress! This easy silhouette, that needs minimal or no additional styling, is extremely comfortable and popular with all our favourite style divas right now. The shirt dress is the perfect lazy girl outfit. Wear it with sneakers, chappals, or brogues, with or without make-up, and you’re ready to go. To make it even easier, here are some shirt dresses to you could try.


Colorblock is back with a bang



Because too many stripes is not a thing.



Hello sunshine!



Your errand partner



Buttons on the back and denim tie-fronts



Boho Bandanas are having a moment



Slit details to add an extra edge



Cold Shoulders for Ms Trendy Diva





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