A Perfect Gift to your Beloved this Valentine!

Perfumebooth.com, one stop online destination for superlative fragrances, presents its latest collection of splendid fragrances this Valentines to celebrate the joy of love and affection. Irrespective of the gender, one must possess at least one signature perfume which adds to his/her aura as the fragrance you carry can spin your whole personality without having you utter a single word. Therefore, the brand has come up with the choicest and best fragrances so far for both, men and women to add spark to the Valentines festivity of the year.

For Her- Perfumebooth.com has launched Lurve perfume selfie box which is full of seven charming and tempting fragrances from varied brands for all the perfume fanatic women’s out there. The perfumes consist of sweet and classy scents which are sure to revamp her aura effortlessly. Each perfume consist of 4ML of scent and is manufactured in Paris, France and UAE respectively. The seven scents comprising the wonder box are of international brands named Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, Lomani, Lady Presidente, Pour Femme Chifon, Baug Sons Creation and Viveca. The perfumes are sure shot an ideal gift to please your Valentine on the special day.

For Him- Likewise, ushering the romantic era, Perfumebooth.com has rolled out the Mazculine perfume selfie box for Men. The set of box has seven scents comprising 4ML each and are all set to enthrall you with its rich and refreshing fragrances for definite. The collection of perfumes are of international brands such as English Blazer, Louis Cardin, Lomani, Presidente, Chris Adams and Baug Sons. Manufactured in London, Paris, France and UAE, the exclusive perfume box is a perfect match for the men’s who like to keep it classy wherever they go. If your sweetheart is one of them so go grab the box for him and express your love uniquely.

Price: Rs. 475/- for each perfume selfie box.

Availability: The perfume boxes are exclusively available on www.perfumebooth.com

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