Party with a Twist

Bonfire, music and booze are all run-of-the-mill party ideas for winters. Try to step out and be innovative to celebrate Christmas and New Year this season.


Instead of going alone to spa or massage parlour, plan it with your friends over some healthy detox drinks and organic snacks. It is not just a healthy way to celebrate but it will also relax your body and mind to be prepared for New Year challenges and surprises.


There are social enterprises like EatwithIndia that are coming up with services where renowned chefs can come to your home and prepare food with desi flavour, so that you feel at home and not like having food at a restaurant. All you need to do is to sign up on their site and do the booking.


With health being a major concern for young generation, different celebrations with yoga are being organized all over around New Year to make it a healthy celebration time. Instead of rock, soothing music and healthy drinks are being served and in place of dance floor, yoga mats are set to prepare you for a healthy tomorrow.


How about cycling in fresh air on foggy morning of New Year? When the world will be sleeping, you will be having fun with your peer and probably will get a chance to meet new faces, who might turn to be your new friends for life. There are groups in metropolitan cities who are organizing such rides for a fresh beginning this New Year.


Instead of partying in a centrally air-conditioned bar, it’s time to go out in a haunted place with torch (mashal) and play some interesting games. Such events are organized by authorised companies, who also take care of your security and member’s identity is verified. So you are safe while roaming with (strangers).


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