Paint it Blue like Deepika

With Cricket fever everywhere, even the tinsel babes are not left behind.  Recently, the dusky beauty, Deepika Padukone, was seen cladding the new Team India Blue jersey. Signature blue, the uniform is part of the kit the national team players will don when they embark on the spring’s campaign to reassert their claim to cricket’s ultimate prize.

Deepika, one of the most recognizable faces and fellow cricket devotees from around the country shared their passion for sport cricket and team India, showed their trust and zeal by adorning the blue, the shade of trust, peace and loyalty.


Blue, an exemplary hue expresses the pulse of the nation. And this isn’t first sortie of Om Shanti Om famed Padukone’s into sport. She comes from a lineage of badminton world champions. Her experience as an elite athlete fostered a deep belief in the power of sport.

Wishing the team good luck and a successful year, Deepika said, “As a cricket fan and active athlete, I felt a great sense of pride when I first put on the national team jersey. Cricket being the biggest sport and passion in India has many more glory waiting this year and I am sure our players will bring it all.”

The power of blue extends beyond the few players who will take the pitch to the country’s cricket fans, inviting them to share in the honor and national pride that comes with wearing the blue jersey and sounding the #bleedblue rallying cry.

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