Out of the Jewel Box

1Jewellery have been a mainstay for every traditional bride in India for a long period of time. Be it a dazzling diamond-cut choker or intricately carved gold temple jewellery. Ornaments have forever been associated with brides and weddings. Clustered lanes of traditions glitter under incandescent lights, but who knew, a few Indian designers were conspiring against this and will replace it with their fierce creative genius. They took their inspiration from traditional elements and transformed it with their respective aesthetic understanding. One such jewellery couturier Mrinalini Chandra, who has always been shining like gold. As the models walk the ramp, wearing kaliras, a maang hawk, a choker that looks like a garden , you can realize that Chandra’s designs are for those who realize the meaning of freedom. She has helped free jewels from their traditionalist appearance, fused them with crafting techniques like Filigree, Rava Dori art of Jaipur and even basics such as the placement of Navratana gems on earrings that has been a part of the Indian heritage for too many years- Chandra has done it all.

Her first collection called “Please Have a Seat” was inspired from the chairs. Who knew that chairs would be a statement in fashion world in the form of jewelery.


Her design philosophy is to infuse simple elements from her surroundings, draft them into complex pieces that give out an aura. Experimentation is the key to all her creations at that, she never fails to impress. A NIFT alumna whose love for couture is evident by bold designs and boisterous looks seen at the fashion week. She entered the industry by storm and had Bollywood and street style girls by her side after her debut collection at Lakme Fashion Week. The other big breakthrough in her career came she’d do a stance against jewellery being ruled by wedding or vice versa. She took out the holy kaleerasand changed their face for good. Quiky-multi colored kaleeras for your wedding, anyone? Chandra was quite apprehensive about touching piece of jewellery as it has emotional and traditional value attached to it, but when she did, it was a sure stunner.

From ‘Please have A Seat’ to ‘Shakuntalam’, Chandra’s creations have never been about mainstream fashion Bollywood or the critics, her work is her natural progression as an artist and that is why she gets saluted by everyone. Her latest collection, Shakuntalam, can be learned as a more mature and fascinating story that has been shown off. The jewellery is made from Silver based metal and other with precious and semi-precious stones and metals.

Chnadra is truly a revolution in terms of innovation, but it will be wrong to identify several other who have carved a niche for themselves in the same field.

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