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We often overlook creative geniuses who stay behind the camera and create all the magic that happens in front. GnG brings to you that star, the latent talent named “Director Gifty,” the man behind making the nation dance to Honey Singh’s Yo Yo and his journey from an amateur to a celeb.


Tell us something about why you chose the name GIFTY instead of your real name Chetan. 

Gifty is my nick name, my friends and family always called me by this name. I started my career with this name eventually, became popular in the industry by using this name; and as long as everybody loved what I made, what my was name didn’t matter. Honestly, there isn’t any hidden story behind using Gifty as my name to fame; I guess certain things just happen, and being Gifty is one of them.


Also, why do you attach the prefix director with your name? 

As a child, I was always enamored the way doctors, professors, and engineers attach Dr., Prof., and Er. with their names and thought I would also have a prefix like this when I grow up. Direction is my passion and profession, and that’s why I liked to be called as Director Gifty.


How did you collaborate with Yo Yo Honey Singh?

My first video with Yo Yo was ‘Party Getting Hot’. At that shooting we developed a great professional relationship, and a mutual bonding that will last for long. We both are very passionate for what we do, and that was visible between us.


What inspires you to be a successful individual?

My never ending thirst to learn new skills and techniques in the field is my biggest strength and inspiration. I am constantly challenging myself to beat my own performance, and do better. But I must say that my family support also adds to my inspiration, from childhood till today, I have seen my parents, grandparents and relatives display such great talent and I draw a lot of inspiration from them.  


From video direction to film making… how has the transition been? How was it different from video production? 

Every professional wants to move up in his career. From video direction to movie direction is an obvious step in my field. After doing many videos with Diljit Dosanjh, we discussed about a movie together and finally collaborated in ‘Mukhtiar Chadda’. Movie production is bigger project than video production. To coordinate actors, scenes, sets and amicably proceed is a task and I am happy to have had such good associations.  


What were the hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

Management of each individual in the entertainment field is always a hurdle. I always try listening to everyone, and respect their thoughts and ideas, so that they are continuously involved in the project.


Tell us a little about the film; when is it due to be released?

Mukhtiar Chadha is about a Sikh guy living with his mother in Delhi. You can find out more on Mukhtiar Chadha FB page.


Even though you’re the man behind creating such popular videos, you have been away from all the media limelight…is there a reason for this?

I am never away from media limelight. It’s just that my onscreen presence is very different and is mostly reflective of the work I do. I want my work to shine and I am put all my efforts for the same.


Can you tell us about any more collaboration you’re planning?

Well, a lot of interesting projects are in the pipeline. I am in talks with production houses for the direction of some more films, but you’ll have to wait to find out about it.


What is your favorite style of music?

I like all kind of music but hip-hop, dubstep and trance are my favorites.

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