Be the New-Age Bride with Ileana D’Cruz

From the badass brides trending on social media and capturing the entire bride’s candid in those shades became a huge huge thing. But, now it seems the wedding affair has reached to a different level altogether with the sexy and comfy taking over the traditional and cliché.

Indian brides are a synonym of creating a perfect shy picture of an Indian woman but gone are the days, when the girl would enter with her long veil and dolled up face to impress a bunch of thousand people. Now, she’s independent, carefree and more like a Bride Boss.

Weddings are all about hitting the right notes and tuning to the ageless rituals, so why should the bride not play and unleash her funky side out.

Here are a few funky playful shots of the charming Ileana D’Cruz in her latest bridal avatar photoshoot where she is breaking the stereotypes and re-creating the bold bridal avatar.

Look at them electric vibes!

When you just can’t stop getting amused…



When you just can’t stop getting amused…


“Gimme that luggage full of cash” said every bride after her sagan


To take it or not to take it is the question.


Ditch that dupatta because who wants that anyway?


Words to live by…


A random transition from bride to baraati


Comfort always comes first.


And you can always look cool while flaunting that sporty side


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