Nerd is the new sexy

This generation is screaming out geeky style and walking in panache with those large Jassi kind glasses. Such a cool style statement, we’d say. But, our Bollywood hotties ain’t far away to flaunt the nerdy look as they take away the spotlight. Come, take a look and try the all new nerdy look J

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana paired her chic casual outfit with black bold glasses and as she sported a topknot, we went berserk. Her oh-so-glam look just took our breath away and it’s a fit for your mundane Mondays!


Sonakshi Sinha

The Akira star opted for a pair of wire-rimmed aviator-style frames that she wears in her off-duty moments like this frayed shorts and white shirt look.



Deepika Padukone

The popular face for Vogue seems to be bewildered beauty as she poses candid. Her dusky eyes reflect warmth and natural beauty. She gives us inspiration to add blingy tassels with spectacles, we love her!



Priyanka Chopra

Look at that pop of color oozing hotness. Pink lipshade with those golden detailing tassels are all you need with stark black spectacles.


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