All you Need for That Oh-So-Slim Waist

Whether you are petite, a girl with an average figure or a curvaceous woman, you probably want to know how to get that waistline which makes everyone gone WOW! And getting there without going on a diet or hitting the gym seems like the perfect idea! Ladies, we make life easier for you – we bring to you a multitude of tricks to get that small-looking waistline at home by just dressing right! Read on to find out about all the fashionable options available to help you fake an hourglass shape without much effort!

Cinch it with belt


The elastic that sits right at the upper waist in the garment itself makes your frame look smaller as there are no add ons!  A built-in one is more effective as it creates vertical body lines and doesn’t make anything stand out in an obvious way! Try a jumpsuit or a dress to see the wonders it does!

Cutout Dresses


Focus your attention to the smallest part of your waist by wearing cutout dresses! Contrary to what we may think, a bit of cut out at the center of the waist can actually emphasizes on your body curves and makes you look slimmer.

Tuck in


Unlike what you believed, tucking in that blouse gives a more polished and flattering look, so go ahead and don’t be shy about wearing your favorite shirt or that top with culottes or skirt all tucked in. Make sure it billows out a bit and is not completely inside. This is the key to getting a neater look for formal wear as well!

High Waist Pants


To hide that tummy or to cut your torso at a point that make your legs look longer, high-waisted pants are the perfect pick. These pieces sit at the right spot and make your waist look smaller. They are also super trendy, so that’s another bonus. Make sure the fitting is right so that it doesn’t land up looking frumpy! Add heels to elongate your appearance!

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