Nail Art that will Make you Stand Out

Feeling like it’s been way too long since you got your last manicure done? Or are you one of those few women who hasn’t ever indulged in this luxury? Maybe you think you haven’t got the time to invest in having women going about your fingertips with precision. Nails are often the most ignored part of any outfit despite the fact that they can make any outfit pop. Most of us who do hit the parlor for a manicure, don’t go beyond the traditional options (Single-color coats and French Manicure come under this, yes). So if you feel like you simply can’t imagine how your nails would make a difference, or if you’re just bored of the same old French manicure, we’ve put together a few cool and funky nail art options for you that we’re sure you’ll love.

Food Freaks

If you call yourself ‘a foodie at heart’ then you mustn’t miss out on showing that off in your nail art! From burgers to fruits (if you’re a health freak!) there are tons of options to explore. And let’s not forget the all-time, all-woman favorite- chocolate.


Image Source: The Nail Pro Tumblr


A little glitter never hurt anyone and hence putting some sparkle will always up your style quotient.2


Slick Art

Easiest of them all. All you need to do is paint the tips of your nails in a earthy hued color to add that edge and drama.



Denim Diary

Every college girl must try this trend. Suits every dress and goes perfectly with any mood and occasion too. Pull this off with panache and turn heads.



Monochrome Magic

If you love the idea of mix and match, monochromes is just your thing. Stand out in this absolutely gorgeous nail art and let them roll eyes.5

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