Must-Haves for Every College Girl

With colleges reopening and new plans being made every day- we thought we’d help you girls sort out your daily staples and beauty essentials for an easy everyday life. Ditch those clumsy outfits that stick to your body or make you appear too short or too fat. Here is an ultimate college fashion guide which will help you figure out the best for you in store.


One can easily sport girls carrying bagpack to college in quirky favrics and details. We heart the ones in cotton and ikat patterns exuding boho indie vibes. You can always look out for the ones in leather or even in suede.1

Tinted Lip Balm

There’s a thing about well moisturized lips and attractive pouts. Of course, it makes you look kissable and berrylicious. Carry a cutesy lip balm with you every day to get your lip goals on point.2

Pocket Umbrella

Don’t you pretty fellas forget the monsoon essential-pocket umbrella to avoid hair hassles. But if you’re someone who enjoys to drench in the rain, then welcome to heaven!3

Ballet Flats

Sway in the campus and go out for a shopping spree in these easy ballet flats. Available in cute colors and styles, take your pick and head to college for some awesome fun.4

Biker Jacket

Don your rockabilly faux-pas jacket to college and flaunt that rockstar style.Unleash the diva in you by pairing this with ankle boots.5

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