Must have footwear for women

As model-cum-actress Neha Dhupia says, that a woman can never say no to own another pair of footwear, so do we say. But owning the right pairs is a must. From wedges to staple stilettos, women have large variety to explore. Here we bring top five shoes that every woman should have in her closet.

– Stilettos: They are elegant, sophisticated and classy. They can provide you the burst of self-confidence that you might need at the correct moment.


– Wedges: If you are not happy with heels, then try wedges. As the name implies, this type of shoe has a somewhat triangular, wedge shape, but not all wedges are super high heels.

– Kitten heels: You can call them as a pair of regular heels but they perfect only with cropped trousers. If you are a first-timer then try out a neutral colour instead of a bright one and pair them with a formal evening dress.

– Slingback: The comfortable design and edgy looks of the slingback make it perfect for your day-to-day business. You can pair them with all section of your wardrobe. They are fit for all.


– Spool: They are wide from top and slim in the middle. They are apt for wedding and date meeting. They keep you comfy yet stylish.


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