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Fitness and music has an ever-lasting relation.  Giving it a twist for urban population, singer JSL Singh has recently launched a track, which is about fitness conscious girls/women and how they try to woo the guys around and how guys make fun of it. Inspired by the city life and passion for fitness, JSL has worked on the fast paced music track, which has its relevance with women who try to show off at fitness centres.


JSL says, “this track is about fitness conscious girls/women, or zero figure girls, and is an apt party number. After giving music to super-hit tracks like fan Bhagat Singh da, kudi tu pataka and other leading tracks, this is JSL’s commercial debut (single) featuring Ikka. Talking about the project and experience JSL says, “It was all fun shooting and recording. Especially, when you work with Gifty, the director of the track, it becomes easier to work and during work you learn a lot.” Gifty is known for his hit tracks associated with Honey Singh including Desi Kalakar, Chaar Bottle Vodka and Bhoothnath.

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JSL, known for his experimental music has always treated Indian music to international standards. He stresses, “this track is also one of its kind and I believe, in music industry its more about exploring your forte and working rigorously on it. As a firm believer of practice makes the man perfect, JSL strives for perfection in his work.  Sharing about his working style and future plans, the young artist affirms, “I am in no hurry, things are happening and I believe more you polish your skills, it helps your survival in the long run. Success and fame, is better to be received slowly, as it makes you mature and sensible in selecting work.”


He further stresses, “now the regional music has made its way and swiftly it is making to chart buster, even certain local dialects are being used in main stream cinema to allure the audience. So, I feel those with command on dialects have an upper hand and it is all about exploring more to music and life.”

With detailed knowledge about the diversifying music industry and command over experimental music, JSL is looking forward to some big association including Jazzy B and Sunidhi Chauhan. Concluding about his ongoing projects, JSL says, “This song is an effort to diversify my working platform and let the masses know, that this is also a genre I can work on effortlessly. The on- going projects are special in their own way. Moreover, there are few associations I am working on, but it’s too early to talk about it, so for now, let me feel the music.”

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