Why Morning Sex helps you work efficiently all day long

There are very few people in the world who like waking up in the morning and going to work. Hitting snooze on the alarm is a part of too many painful morning routines. But there is a much better way to wake up than the stupid alarm clock, which will be annoying no matter which setting you use. Sex.

To make sure you have a great day, indulge in a good sex. It is true that you do need to have someone sleeping next to you to have sex in the morning. But masturbation is a good option too till that happens.


Feel Good Instantly



Everyone knows that sex releases the happy, “feel-good” hormones. Arousal releases a chemical which helps in easing stress and giving you a general happy feeling. And beginning a working day with a good mood is priceless.



Skin glow naturally


You can totally rock the no makeup look with sex as your only skincare tool. With the early morning rush of blood, your glowing face is going to do all the talking for the rest of the day.



Stronger bond


If you’re doing it with a partner, morning sex can really seal the romance deal for the rest of the day. Recalling the best parts of the morning romp through texts all day will only set off the sparks more when you meet again in the evening.


Imagine starting the day with an orgasm… ‘nuff said.

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