Monsoon Skincare Essentials

After the trying summer months, wishing for the rains to come and give us respite from the heat is quite natural. But as much as we love the rains, not many of us have the luxury to sit everyday next to the window with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea and a book. Offices must be reached and jobs must be done – and in an endeavor to do this, the oh-so-wonderful rains must be braved as well.

Splash clean water on your face multiple times a day and also take a bath twice a day preferably.

* Using antibacterial soaps and lime-based soaps is best in this season.

* Applying sunscreen even on a cloudy day is important and so is drinking water. You should remember that being well hydrated and drinking lots of water is needed for a healthy skin glow.

* At night, even on dry skins, using a gel- or serum-based night creams is a better option in this weather.

* Avoid make-up as due to rains and humidity it’s frequently going to cake up and not look great unless it’s for a short while only, and has a matte finish.

* For hair dryness due to humidity, the best thing to do is to go for a trim on monthly basis in the rains and also using home remedies like egg yolk on a weekly basis.

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