Monsoon Make-up Mania

Let the moisture in the air work and beautify your skin. Well, this is something we fix to in monsoon, but how can we forget that love for make-up products is something inevitable for you. So, keeping that in mind, it is recommended to concentrate on water based moisturizers as it balances sweating and perspiration. The beauty experts feel that alcohol based cleansers should be a total ‘NO’ for this season and one must not skip the cleanse-tone, exfoliating and moisturizing routine on a daily basis. Beyond this, to make it more simple and easy this monsoon, we asked industry make-up artists to be your guide this monsoon.

Base Bouncemodel-brushing-makeup_300

Aahana, a make-up artist says, “Any kind of liquid based make-up product is suggested to be avoided.  Liquid foundations should be avoided while going out, while one can opt for a tinted foundation or compact instead, as it is easier to do touch-ups and is handy too. She further suggests playing with light blush-on and nude bronzer, which gives a natural look and never goes over the top in monsoon.

Lip LikeFloral-Matte-Lipstick

With matt textured lipsticks being the trend of the season, even the beauty experts feel that it lasts longer and is suggested for wet weather. Moreover regular touch-up is not required with it, as the glow is constant for 6-8 hours. Tanmay, a beauty expert says, “Those who are not comfortable with lipsticks in such weather can easily opt for lip gloss or lips balms in nude shade.  They work as effective lubricating agent and at the same time they give a classy look without being too loud for drenched afternoon.

Elite Eyes

Ditch your mascara this season and opt for a fine, water-proof eye imagesliner for the water line as well as for the eye lids. And if you can’t get away with your love for mascara, then look for a water-proof one that defines, lengthens, separates and volumes the lashes and is strictly smudge free. Aahana stresses to use hair gel along with brow brush for the eyebrows and add a tint of brown or black eye shadow complementing the eyebrow pencil. Gently brush your eyebrows to keep them looking well shaped, she adds.

Calling the monsoon make-up an attempt to be simple yet classy, Aahana signs off as, “try to go for well-known brands and especially in monsoon avoid experimentation with your skin, as the moisture in the air can cause several other disorders to your skin. Moreover, it is suggested to let the skin breathe in this season with minimal make-up, as the natural moisturizing agents help the skin to exfoliate and rejuvenate.”

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