Minimalist Terrace Design Ideas

A terrace is a flat area built on a raised plan. There can be ground terraces or roof terraces. Ground terraces may be supported by embankments or solid foundation, both natural and man-made. It may be in levels, paved or unpaved but always open to the sky. Roof terraces may not always protrude from a building. Often, it is the flat roof of the house.

In India, terraces have been an important part of our lives. Right from drying spices to putting out clothes to dry and socializing with neighbors, the terrace is always an integral part of most Indian homes. But modern day terraces can serve a variety of purposes. From a beautiful garden, to a Jacuzzi or a pool, this space can transform completely to give you the best space in your home. Right in your home, but away from the city’s hustle and bustle, you can create a special space with these minimalistic design elements. These ideas are great even if you don’t go for elaborate, multi levelled gardens or plunge pools.

Architecture Marvel

Rustic Accents

Incorporate wooden accents in your terrace for a cool ombre effect and place pillars to support



Boho Chic

Amp up your mundane terrace by innovating and adding chic elements like a hammock and playing with pastel hues to exude lazy vibes. We just feel like lounging on this terrace all summer long. What about you?



Zen Zeal

Indulge in quaint serene and mindfulness for a complete retreat of your body, mind and soul. Taste the essence of peace in your terrace and spend some good time with yourself in introspection and practice yoga.



Pool Drool

Planning of making your workspace on the terrace? Dive into the pool to keep your worries at bay by building a little pool on the side. Water has positive energy to attract good vibes.


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