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Time is precious but wrist watch is affordable! That’s right, one may never hold onto time but can definitely wear it stylishly. From the antique-classical collection to the bold and technical time piece, a watch has always been proudly associated with the status and fine taste of the watch-owner. While some view watch an a lifelong investment, other may find it nothing but a dial with straps. So, if you are the one among those who view wrist watch as an asset read along further to discover what can be another feather to your cap. Oris’ latest edition – Oris Pro Pilot Altimeter was unveiled by the bollywood actor Sonu Sood at Rama Watch Boutique, Pacific Mall.

Mr. Sanjay Mishra, General Manager ORIS Watches India Pvt Ltd welcomed Actor Sonu Sood and added “We are glad to have Mr. Sonu Sood at Pacific Mall today to unveil ORIS latest launch from the world of Aviation and also would like to thank Mr.Manoj Kataria our dealer in Delhi for supporting.”

The Oris Pro Pilot Altimeter is world’s first and patented watch with a mechanical altimeter, and costs 70,000 onwards. It is markedly designed for people who work in extreme altitudes. Going by its tagline ‘Real watches for Real men’ Pro Pilot Altimeter is tough and highly legible.
Sonu Sood, known for his suave looks and impeccable acting skills, revealed that he is a passionate lover of technical watches and is looking for one which could be used for professional diving.
If you think that Bollywood and upcoming fashion trends are the inspiration for Swiss watches to be in demand, you are wrong! Rama Watch Boutique is considered to be a nerve centre of Swiss watches as it is the oldest retail store that has been catering to customers’ needs since 1956.
Manoj Kataria on adds “I am glad that we are one of the partners of ORIS who have been responsible for the business growth of the brand. The brand has been making highly technical, genuine and 100% Swiss made watches since 1904. ”

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