Messy bun hairstyles

The majority of women rely on bun hairstyles for various occasions and one can find millions of bun hairstyles. But it takes a lot of time and cash to make those perfect celebrity buns. 2016 has been all about messy buns be it any season. It looks sophisticated yet casual and is really convenient.This style gives off the impression that you didn’t put a lot of effort into styling your hair, almost as though you woke up looking that good.

So here we come showing some easy and chic messy buns for an everyday look.

1) Twist and roll

If you are in a rush and want the messy bun look, scrape your hair up into a ponytail using your fingers. Use the hair in the ponytail to twist tightly and wrap it around the hair tie. This is the go-to approach for most people when they think of putting their hair in a bun.


2) Bun maker

This is for those days when you have to rush for work or an outing. Always chic, always easy, always right, the bun maker is soft, lightweight and comfortable, with all-day hold. It’s so easy to create a bun – just gather your hair into a ponytail, slide the donut-shaped form to the base, spread your hair around it and pin for a fresh take on the traditional bun.


3) Loop through bun

It’s not quite a bun. And, it’s definitely not a ponytail. It’s..a loop.Now simply flip your hair upside-down and gather it in your hands into a ponytail. Wherever you tie the ponytail – high or low – is where the bun will be placed. Loop the hair but do not fully pull it through. This means it will be looped over in an unfinished ponytail. This will leave a type of loop bun.


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