Matchbox Pub & Grub – A Food Paradise

Standing tall with the name written in bold red, “Matchbox Pub and Grub”, invites the public to stop and explore the interiors of the new outlet, sitting in the posh locality of Sector 29, Gurgaon. Matchbox is completely different from everyday cafés and makes the eyes search for more. The interior is cool and calm, making one feel like they are sitting in an English pub. The environment is friendly, warm and has a lot to offer where one can just sit back and dine at any given day.












Matchbox is a place for everyone whether you are a football fan, a beer lover or a food fanatic. With multiple screens placed at every corner, one can enjoy sports while sipping on some of the great crafted beers served from the brewery at the Bar. The Menu has a lot to offer for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There are multiple choices to start with, such as soups like, minestrone el pesto, Creame of broccoli and almond and Greek garlic lemon chicken soup; if one has a desire to keep it light then they can snack at some of the very famous Salade Nicoise, an all time French classic with iceberg, green lettuce, boiled baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, boiled beans, red capsicum, half boiled eggs, chunks of tuna fish and vinaigrette dressing on the side. As you move forward, there is a whole other section to surprise for you, especially for the meat lover’s, as every dish has a dominance of the European cuisine.



To start with, there are Chef’s recommended Stuffed Mushrooms, which are grilled mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cashew nut and served with tomato and basil sauce; and Bacon wrapped in Chicken Pops, a small pop made of chicken meat wrapped in bacon sheet served with spicy tangy sauce. For the vegetarians, Veg Mezze Platter is a bit of a heaven to relish your taste buds on and it consists of humus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, fillo wrap, falafel, stuffed mushrooms, pickle or pita bread. Some of us who have genuine love for burger’s and pizzas are going to be very pleased to have visited Matchbox, as they take pride in their burger’s served with special homemade coleslaw, fries and onion rings with tartar sauce, you will fall head over heels for their lamb, vegan and tofu burger. You will also enjoy Quattro Formaggio, four cheese pizza and Meatload, with all kinds of meat.








Well, Matchbox stands for the love of red meat cooked in different techniques and as when you move forward you realize that the menu itself is a work of art and shows a certain depth which is rare to find. From Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken to tenderloin steak and pork ribs and for the vegetarians Spinach ricotta stuffed crepes to grilled vegetable with couscous, the list can go on and on.





Matchbox, is a food paradise with a look of sports bar with exclusive cocktails to offer like, Road Runner, a classic mix of cointreau, red wine and cranberry juice mixed with lemon wedges and orange slices; Bartender’s lust; Salty dog, mixed with vodka, grape fruit, lime juice and a pinch of salt; Sex on the Beach
and Anaconda Jack, mix of jack daniels and sambrica loaded with ice. Well, it just doesn’t sound interesting but is a perfect combination of all the flavors and a place to relish everything.


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