Make-up Trends in Vogue to Look Evergreen

Good news is awaiting all the deserving females over the age of forty. Here is a listing of simple tips that can make you look super chicer and ever youthful at the same time. This harsh winter when your skin gets scaly and dry, the tips below can actually help you accentuate your lost charm.

HD foundation make up forever


Match Your Body With Your Face

Neither too light nor too dark colors of foundation should be used in order to match up or maintain evenness of skin color on the face. To achieve this, simply dab the brush onto your face from cheekbones to the jawlines. Too much stroking can make you look too light , cosmetic and lifeless, (read) over aged. And similarly, if you have a tanned neck and body, then try using a bronzer and avoid using a light foundation. Because, that can make you look mismatched in complexion.

To give you what you’re looking for , an HD foundation from Makeup Forever brand, covers all imperfections both onscreen and in real life. Available in 26 shades and priced at Rs. 2064, you can feel enriched with the brand’s super moisturizing effects and radiance.




Wearing a Lipstick that is too Dark

Many women plainly believe , wearing a dark lipstick highlights their beauty. Wrong. Dark lipsticks just do the opposite. They in fact make your lips smaller, less plumper and contour-less. Therefore use a light colored lipstick. And, as an add-on you can use a lip gloss to brighten your lips and make them look plump and watery. Honestly, a watery wet look can make you look ages younger.

So, try lipsticks from Mac, priced decently around Rs 600 – 900, they not only give you that youthful look, but also stay for a pretty long time.




Wearing an Eye-liner Only on The Bottom

It is commonly seen that most women apply liner only on the bottom lashes. When the same is done by the older lot, it makes them look still older and their features too, look dragged. So the tip is to apply liner on both the lashes, joining them on the corners of the eye. While doing so, make sure that the liner should not get too thick. That will only make you look aged. Following the above tip can make your features look brightened and sharp.

Do not forget to try colored and black collection of eyeliners from Mac. They are smudge-proof and water-proof .It’s creaminess and smudge free properties will actually hide your age and make you look younger and beautiful. Price : Rs 1000.




Choose the Right Blush Color

Many women fail to realize which color of the blush suits their face cut , their cheek bones and makes them look younger. Some choose brown shades thinking that it may make their cheeks well contoured. On the contrary , it only makes them look dull and muddy.

As the right way of doing things, first pinch your cheeks and find out the shade of pink that your cheeks show. That is the color when you blush. Use this color of blush starting at the apple of your cheeks and back. Doing so will enhance your beauty and give it a definition.

Another tip is to avoid blushing to the bottom of your cheek bones. That will again make you look ugly and aged.


ColorBar blush exactly meets your requirements when it comes to value for money, smooth satin finish and a long staying power. It is priced at INR 650.


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