Make summers more fashionable with some beautiful braid haistyles


Are you tired keeping your hair open for every occasion? – Most of your answers are yes. Trying out different hairstyles in summers is really difficult. The heat, sweat and the pollution will no doubt spoil all the new hairstyles you try. Braids are the easiest and the most “in” trend this season. It not only saves you from a bad hair day but also keep you stylish and comfortable.


The different types of braids are not only getting popular among he youngsters, it is these days very bluntly followed by the B-town stars as well. We have seen Alia Bhat rocking her braid hairstyles in many occasions. Kangana, Priyanka, Deepika, Kalki, Kriti Sanon and many other bollywood stars are seen following the braid trend religiously. Side braid, fish braids, French braids, ribbon-threaded braids, sleek braid bun are some of the common most braids seen these days.


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