Rendezvous with Madhurima Tuli

A journey of an ordinary girl who walked in the tinsel town to join the lines of her dream world then paint it with success

It is said that survival in the City of Dreams is not a cinch, and for that very existence one needs to start from the scratch. When she dedicated to switch, she too had the same idea about Mumbai, but luckily the city embraced her with all the love and the small town girl took no time to mark her impression from runway to reel.


Madhurima Tuli, Mumbai-turned-actress being an outsider to the city and to the film fraternity as well feels that it is not just a matter of concern for Mumbai, but for every city. With her experience of life, one movie old actress says, “ See showbiz industry is the one that everyone looks upto and Mumbai being the hub is always quoted as an example” But what I have seen is that, for the very survival of human, struggle is an integral part and when it comes to making an identity, hardwork and dedication becomes inevitable.

Since childhood, growing with a dream of becoming Miss Universe , with icons like Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra, the sultry beauty says, for me getting into acting as very sudden. Though I always wanted to wear the Miss Universe crown glory and therefore, I chose my career into modeling. But gradually with my entry in the market and after doing ad shoots, I realized that advertisements are a small version of full fledged films, which pursued my career into acting and pushed me to do a film. Modelling as a career has a very limited scope and gradually people shift their focus to acting.


Calling her first Bollywood break with ‘Baby’ opposite Akshay kumar happened after her appearance in Airtel ad shoot. She was offered the role of a mother of two children to which she was dicey initially but later, when she got to know she would be sharing the screen with Akshay Kumar, her mind was prepared for the audition.

Interestingly her next project is not Bollywood but Hollywood and is titled “ The Black Prince”. Surprisingly, the filmmakers wanted a face similar to that of Shabana Azmi and when they watched Baby, they directly approached her. The story is about the rise and fall of Duleep Singh, son of powerful ruler Ranjit Singh, who was reigning the throne at an early age and was later sent off to England.

With an impactful start in television, Madhurima got the chance to play roles in daily soaps that helped her to work on her expression and gradually it turned out to be an asset while shooting for silver screen. Calling the idiot box to be very potential, she adds , there are several people who treat television as a stereotype but my thoughts are different since I strongly feel that working and performing a character in the daily soap makes you want to live and breathe in that character every day. This helps in assessing your acting skills and working in the same direction in case of further improvements. When asked to join back TV and be a part of the reality show, she declared, dancing reality shows works well for her since it’s one of her hobby but apart from that, she’s not really open to anything soon. She would love to get a challenging role and contemporary serials are what she is looking forward to.3


Clearing the myth of exaggeration in terms of action and drama, the actress who has served in the industry for a long time says that the only difference between Hollywood and Tollywood is that of the language, everything that is of primary concern in former is duly important in the latter too. Tollywood is known for it’s punctuality and sincerity and the actress reveals that the same has been nurtured in Bollywood too. People here are more concerned about reaching everywhere before time than getting late because they truly appreciate it.



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