MAC X Chris Chang’s Collection is nothing less than an Explosion of colors

Dreamy yet subtly feminine MAC never fails to WOW us with their unconventional collection like they did last year with Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande. And yet again, the cosmetics juggernaut is poised to give its competitors a run for money. Damn, another interesting collection in collaboration with Shanghai-based fashion designer, Chris Chang is all you NEED this summer.


A perfect summer candy for girls who love to add a pop of color and quirk on the go! But, it’s also a goldmine for women who like to get creative with their makeup. Everything about this collection is fancy, stunning, amazing and add all the awesomeness you can think of!
Chris Chang exclaims with joy with his first-ever collaboration with MAC and says that…” his inspiration comes from the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries. My designs are for the women who are eccentric and confident. Color is an integral fuel of my imagination and defines the spirit of MAC.”
2And did we forget to mention the amazing colorful artwork on the facade that will make you skip a heartbeat and gape with awe and wonder. But, the breathtaking pattern is not only a feast for your eyes; it is one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, sure to stand out from the rest of your makeup collectibles. 3

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