Luxuriate yourself in the holy goodness of Neoveda

Get gorgeous with lusciously collection of ‘spa’-rkly products from luxury lifestyle store, Craft House located at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa and also at International Departure, T3, IGI Airport.Infused only with the purest extracts, each product is an expression of Craft House’s belief in the remarkable power of Ayurveda to calm, refresh and renew.The amalgamation of nature and beauty, this rejuvenated range of products is available as FACE CARE, BODY CARE, HAIR CARE & ESSENTIAL OILS to let one find the harmony of body, mind, and soul.

The pristine range of Ayurveda products is made with special combinations of pure essential oils and one can explore the aromatic possibilities of all natural soaps and gels, scrubs and masks as the purity of essential oils works its magic on your body, mind and soul. Made from the ultimate life energy and extracts of the flowers, leaves, wood or roots. They enter the body & mind through skin and sense of smell, keep skin beautiful & radiant, help to strengthen inner organs by providing oxygen and balancing hormones, they also cleanse, balance & stabilize 3 bio and mental energies, which get unbalanced due to environment, life style, stress or aging process.

So, bring home the beauty of Ayurveda, burn the incense and just pamper and immerse yourself in the scents of the fresh floral blossoms, or treat yourself to sweet, velvety delights by indulging in our exotic NEOVEDA spa collection.

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