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From fashion to wellness and food, we have covered them all. Bloggers, we mean! Yes, you might be one or aspiring to be in the niche zone, however, these ladies have created a stand for themselves and the hardships are truly worth it. Let’s drool over their beauty regime and discover what is their ultimate skincare mantra.

Ayurvedic Blends

Jia Singh, Wandering for Wellness

Jia Singh, Wandering for Wellness

What is your Skincare Philosophy?

I love to keep it as close to nature as possible, and my skincare regimen is the reflection of the same.

Your Go-To beauty buddy.

Nothing but Kama Ayurveda works the best for my skin. The miraculous Kumkumadi Beauty Fluid for face and skin brightening accompanied with the NalpamaradiThailam for body. I follow it up with rose and jasmine face cleanser for a natural glow.

Fitness Formula you swear by?

Today is the day, get started and don’t stop till you drop. I live in my sweatpants literally all day everyday!

Green Goodness

Komal Pandey, The College Couture

Komal Pandey, The College Couture

What is your approach to skincare?

What you apply on skin should be something so pure that it is good enough for consumption. Everything that you apply on your skin goes into your bloodstream

What is your night time skin routine?

I dab a little jasmine toner on cotton wool and cleanse my face. I like to spray some rosewater and apply jasmine-enriched serum later.

Your last-minute skincare fix for work or event?

I place damp cool tea bags or cucumber slices under my eyes for about 15-20 minutes. It instantly gives a glow to my eyes thereby reducing the puffiness and swelling. A natural face pack (multanimiti) works best.

The Zen Feeling

Rachel Jones, Hippie in Heels

What is your idea of a perfect beauty and skincare?

My idea of beauty is to relish every moment passing by. Being an avid traveler by choice and passion has led me to explore in-numerous roads. Of course, beauty is everywhere around us and we must invoke our inner senses to see through within. I follow an easy skin care regime by applying coconut oil every morning after shower to keep myself hydrated on the go.

Any Bad skincare habit?

I don’t drink much water and exfoliation is a rare task for me.

The best way to minimize pores?

Use holy basil and Indian rose water toner to minimize pores.

Earthy Connect

Anupriya Kapur, Mom on the Run

Anupriya Kapur, Mom on the Run

How do you define skincare?

Being fitness and cardio aficionado, my metabolism and constant blood flow is the only key to radiant skin.
Your secret to flawless skin?

Ever since a little girl, I used to dab a mixture of lentil, yoghurt, turmeric and a pinch of saffron. A well-kept secret of my grandmother has helped me fight against the stubborn breakouts and uneven skin texture during teens and maternity period.

What is your ideal diet?

My ideal diet on most of the days is huge intake of vitamins and minerals. Water helps to keep me hydrated all day long and fix my skin problems too.

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