Lovely Lamps to amp up your home

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating and quite often overlooked. Here are five types of lamps that totally deserve a spot in your home.

Pendant lamps


If your home has been blessed with high ceilings, pendant lamps are the perfect way to add character to a room.


Chandelier lamps


Chandelier lamps are a modern take on the classic chandelier, which allow you to add a touch of glitz and glamour to the smallest spaces. Whether in the form of a small table lamp or a floor lamp that stands tall, chandelier lamps are definitely head-turners.


Arc lamps


These lamps are the embodiment of modern minimalism. Sleek and fuss-free, arc lamps are ideal for creating cosy corners. They are best suited for stand-alone armchairs in a quiet corner.


Tripod lamps


Apart from being more stable than its single-legged counterpart, the tripod lamp is both practical and chic. It need not be restricted to corners since they have a personality of their own. This means you can really play around with their placement to change the look of a room.


Vintage lamps5

Trip down time with these vintage lamps! Wooden shades, brass or copper accents, rope detailing and stone bases are just a few ways you can bring that old-world charm straight into your living spaces.

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