Let’s vow to end the ever-rising obesity on this World Anti-Obesity Day

The dangers of trans-fats & inflammatory hydrogenated oils and their link to heart diseases is a known fact. Trans-fats are a variety of fats that is created in food laboratories & appear to be a health risk; such food should be avoided during the child’s growing years. ‘LOW FAT – HIGH CARB’ diets have determined our dietary beliefs and plans for many decades. A high carbohydrate diet and minimal fat consumption continues to be our means for a healthy lifestyle. However, what if we actually told you that FAT IS GOOD. Not just good, we must in fact eat lots of fat to avoid a heart disease. And that it’s time to replace sugar with eggs and bacon in your diet.

A lot has been talked about and debated around the topic of processed food and unhealthy eating habits at an early age. Britain said it would tax companies which sell sugary soft drinks and invest that money in health programs for school children saying nearly a third of those aged 2 to 15 are already overweight or obese. Other countries such as France, Hungary, Belgium and Mexico will also impose some form of tax on drinks that have excess sugar. Similarly in India, Kerala government is planning to tax junk food at 14.5%. The ‘fat tax’ will be levied on burgers, pizzas and processed foods (ie. taxing the food groups that make one fat or increase their risk of developing diabetes) served in organized international fast-food outlets such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Aim is to try to cut fast-rising obesity & diabetes rates in the state. Obesity is a challenge not only in countries like US and China, but also in India- known to be the third largest in the world.


As we already know, many of the Indian sportspersons and celebrities are promoting the importance of health & fitness and a ban on junk & packaged unhealthy food. Celebs like MS Dhoni & PV Sindhu believe the sugar in the sweets hampers recovery of the athletes’ body and causes inflammation. Even during their games, these sport personalities carry protein-based, high energy supplement instead of processed unhealthy foods.


On World Health Day, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also addressed the urgent need to beat diabetes (a deadly disease) which could only happen by an overhaul of lifestyle and diet.


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