Let’s Barter Happiness

In the midst of rising angst against the de-monetization and unavailability of currency notes, the common man is indeed churning out. Let’s Barter India, has recently launched an amazing “We Barter” campaign to spread little joys. It is already gaining a lot of popularity and in the times of demonetization, it is always good to begin with little steps.

In these adverse times of long bank queues and never-ending disappointment on lack of cash, Indians are realizing the power of bartering, within their communities. The startup people walked around CP and spoke to some Delhi’ites standing in bank queues, to know if they are using barter now. Sharing the amazing stories we uncovered in the Let’s Barter India exclusive photo series. For reposting and sharing, please give due credits to Let’s Barter India.


Here are a few pictures of the campaign that might just provoke a feeling of barter in you:




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