Let your skin peek a boo with see through skirts

With the latest Resort 2014, what has come into picture is the upcoming of the see through or what we call as the peek a boo skirts. The designers have expressed their latest trend taste to flaunt your skin that you have maintained it so well for the summers. All these high-end brands are going for clothing with translucent fabrics and peekaboo panels.
If you are one of those who is always confused whether to pick a gorgeous dress or a very sexy, revealing number, then this trend is for you. Now, the two styles have been fused together and its all the rage currently.


There are so many textures, prints and thickness, and the skirt immediately has everyone’s attention. However, it is also possible that this new trend might vanish like the mullet dresses. Remember them? Yes, those were difficult times!
Also called leg veil — covered on top, see-through on the bottom — see-through skirts though doesn’t make our eyes burn (yet), instinct tells us that someday you might want to chuck your pictures in them into a bonfire.


But are we getting ahead of ourselves? The red carpet is full of it. Only time will tell if this trend withstands the cruel test of time.
Well, if you are adventurous enough and want to try it out, then now is the correct time. There are no excuses possible for not knowing how to wear see-through skirts, there are so many styles! With only a sexy bra and a leather jacket, a thick jumper and boots, or with a simple summer blazer with high heels. One reason why it’s the ‘in’ trend is because you’re showing off your beautiful legs, but hiding them at the same time.


Though a tip, carry an umbrella when you wear it. We don’t want your skirt sticking to your legs when it pours!

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