Leading to the paths of Greece…

Yassoutravelers! This year a trip to Greece calls you with a high-quality digital camera to capture breathtaking sceneries and a high capacity memory card to store as many pictures as you!
Greece’s 400 wetlands are its Greek Gods’ gifts. The magical place that is strategically situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa is now one of the most visited places in the world, when we talk about world tourism. Its not hard to believe why it’s gained so much popularity.

So here we tell you 5 REASONS TO MAKE A VISIT TO GREECE-

  • High on Vitamin-SEA
    The white and blue hued capital is a hub of islands, more than you can count. The count is as vast as a starting from 1200-6000 depending on the number of islands demolished and formed every year by the sea gods. Bask in the glory that defines beauty where some have turquoise waters to some in crystal blue color; some have small pebbles to some with billowy sand or seashells.Get Excited- Zakynthos Island, Greece- water is so clear that it looks like the boat is floating in the air. How amazing, right?1.1
  • Gourmet FeastIt’s an amazing place for those who have typical traits of foodies and consider trying new meals! Fresh seafood, beans and legumes served by the sea view, make up to a perfect dinner out. Greeks and tourists claim that the must-try list of foods is endless in Greece. Don’t forget to relish roasted lamb with cheese and rygo is a must-try. 


    Get excited-In the contest the gods decreed that Athens should be awarded to that one who produced the gift most useful to mortals. Athena produced the olive. The gods chose the olives and awarded the city to the goddess which was named after her. You now know why there’s so much olive used in all Greek recipes!1.2

  • Breathtaking viewThe rugged mountains, olive groves, tranquil beaches and beautiful white houses on the rolling hills, just imagine! It’s any photography aficionado’s dream destination. Perfect trip for your vacay mode and a romantic couple’s runaway undoubtedly.
    Get excited-A popular Greek tradition is called ‘name day’. Each name that come from a religious saint has a given day each year which is celebrated by the church. People who share the same name also celebrate the day, often receiving gifts from their friends and family. Name days are even more important than birthdays in Greece!1.3
  • The History- Our creator
    Artifacts and edifices that have survived thousands of years of war and turmoil in Greece can make you relive those historic moments with an experience of your history books coming alive! And who wouldn’t want to see the birthplace of the Olympic Games and see Athena’s gift Athens and other stories of the Greek Gods.Get excited-Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The first Greek inhabitants first lived there over 7000 years ago.1.4
  • Pocket Budget TravelThis one is for the budget curious travelers- Greece is super affordable! Its hotels and resorts are quite cheap in comparison to other places in Europe.

    Get excited- Although not as common as Greek tourists believe there is a Greek tradition of throwing plates on the floor whilst music is played during special meals.1.5




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