Launch of Premier Collection by La Kairos

La Kairos represents the pinnacle of a life-long affair with textiles. The inspiration for La Kairos came from a desire to both, revive the tradition of Indian hand embroidery, and to merge comfort with class in those spaces where we rest and rejuvenate. Every collection is hand-designed, made from natural fibers and is an amalgamation of the designers travel diaries.



Creativity, diversity and history merge to create a new meaning to our home, our bedrooms, and our lives. It inspires comfort and class in a space where life, love, living and family come together. This passion for designing a space that gives us the time, the energy, the focus and the creativity needed to be able to receive everything that life has to offer each day is now what drives me and that is La Kairos.


La Kairos presents it first international design license with U.S based company “Orchids America”. The La Kairos collections were launched in January 2016 at the Dallas Market Center, Dallas -Texas, United States.




The La Kairos for Orchids America collections are inspired by dynamic natural forms, geometric motifs, the designer’s travels to the fishing villages in Japan, her everlasting adoration for “roses”and the elaborate structures designed and built by the legendary artificer Daesdalus.


The collections are made using the finest linens, silks, jaquards, velvets and high tread count cotton fabrics.



The pieces are a “labour of love” effort, they are completely hand-crafted and take countless hours to make. One can observe the strong layering with intricately hand-embroidered french-knotted boutis, the classic art of “cross-stitch” has been used and diverse techniques of hand work create these radiant and striking deco pillows and table linen, making them a collectors dream and certainly brightening up your living spaces.


Bringing to the world fascinating embroidered patterns with lush details to these fine quality facbrics which are futher enchanced by gorgeous ornamentation.


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