The Juice Fest at Greenr café was all about health and wellness

While the Internet is full of memes and jokes about how we’re all hot messes, the reality is quite different. Most young professionals are waking up to the fact that drinking all night and living on junk food is the shortest way to an early death—and no one wants that. The mantra is to live healthy, something that Delhi’s Greenr Café + Store strongly advocates. Located in Shahpur Jat, Greenr’s whole idea is based around clean, healthy, and sustainable living.



To bring together all those who think the same way, Greenr has decided to hold an entire event around “health and wellness.” On September 11, 2016, they hosted the COfest, a day that’ll start with a relaxing yoga session, then go on to a juice rave (Yes, that’s what they’re calling it), a workshop on raw and organic desserts, a skincare workshop, a pop-up selling organic produce, and a film screening of the National award-winning Timbaktu.
















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