Jingle the bells early for it’s time to get smitten!

Caroling has a long history in the world, potentially existing longer than Christmas itself. It’s been an integral of christmas celebration and for many years was heavily practiced tradition where many people eagerly took part in, whether by joining the carolers, or by avidly awaiting their arrival at their doorstep as avatars of Christmas cheer. However it’s slowly falling out ; We at Smytten are making a sincere attempt to preserve this time honored tradition by celebrating the “Go Caroling Day” which is falls on Dec 20th and is observed worldwide by carolers belting out some traditional christmas songs.


So this “Go Caroling Day” we decided to get Santa little early to the town and bring a lot of fun and surprises for our users during the day.

On the 20th of December, Santa’s coming LIVE ON FACEBOOK, and singing a new carol every hour, with a fresh little twist from Smytten. Along with every carol, a new offer will also be revealed on Smytten. So, in short, 150+ Premium brands, upto 50% Off, and a boisterous singing Santa. It’s going to be a day to remember for sure..


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