Jewellers that added glitz and glimmer to our pretty new bollywood bride- Mira Rajput Kapoor


The 226 year old Shri Hari DIAGEMS by Vinay and Anirudh are the secret behind Mira Rajput’s bejewelled radiance.


New Delhi – Shri Hari DIAGEMS by Vinay and Anirudh from the house of Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers were established in 1789 dressed Mira Rajput on her wedding day and pre wedding functions. We all know that Meera is a beautiful girl but each bride needs a touch of sparkle on her D- Day to make her outshine from the crowd. Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers are ancestral jewellers of Mira’s family.


The antique heritage artwork by Shri Hari DIAGEMS is awe-inspiring which made them a part of Mira’s Childhood dream as she had dreamt of wearing them on her big day and it came true when this prepossessing bride wore their jewellery with panache and pride.


Since six generations these magnificent jewellers are spreading their glitter and shimmer. They are known for their antique jewellery which is quite rare to be found and is truly idiosyncratic.


The co-owner of the Jewellery house, Vinay Gupta said “The jewellery piece worn by Mira on her wedding day was a half century old majestic piece with gems like Navratna and Polki”. Her mang tikas in all the wedding functions were quite appreciated by the fashionistas and media, which were also designed by Shri Hari DIAGEMS but the Jhumar/Passa (Head Ornament) on the wedding day, was breathtaking, it is a Pakistani jewellery piece which was made by a special technique by Shri Hari DIAGEMS.pic2


In the past they have styled Crème de la Crème and similar to their jewellery, they are quite trustworthy as well; as Anirudh Gupta, the co-owner quotes that, “We do not disclose the name of our client to maintain the authenticity”. So, if a buyer buys a 200 year old gem from these prestigious jewellers and later wants to auction the piece, the confidentiality between him and Shri Hari DIAGEMS would be maintained. The peculiar quality of these proficient jewellers is that till now they have never associated with any form of paid promotion or taken part in any marketing activity and still they are one of the top-notch in the industry.


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