Jazz up your undercut

Buzzed hair is easy to maintain and requires no additional fuss or products. It looks cool on both straight and curly hair. The buzzed side can be trimmed as often as you’d like to wear the style and the longer side needs nutrition and care depending on your hair type.


>> Inspired by Toni Braxton’s look, you can experiment with different mohawks and frohawks with the longer hair too.

>> Carving out designs on the shaved side is a great way to make your hair stand out.

>> If the unshaved parts of your hair are really short, you can still pull off long hairstyles by adding extensions. You can colour the extensions too.

>> You can experiment with accessories like hats, scarves and hair pins.

>> You can also transform your shaved hairstyle into a classy look suitable for night outs by putting it in a sleek bun like Charlize Theron (see pic).

Why is Undercut so edgy?


This hair cut is all about an expression of your personality and attitude. It’s not for the shy or timid, if you’re a girl with something to say, this hair cut will definitely help you get heard. This hair cut is suitable for most hair types, but what is more important is the right attitude and personality to pull it off.


Daniel Bauer, the popular Makeup and hair Artist flaunting his undercut effortlessly.

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