#IWearHandloom is the Trending Hashtag on Twitter and here’ why

It’s noteworthy that a similar social post supporting and encouraging the Kai Thari Handloom group was shared by Laila Tyabji, Chairperson at Dastakar in July this year. Tyabji posted her pictures wearing Indian handloom sarees for seven weeks in a row on her Facebook profile which garnered people’s attention. Similarly, last year, in order to revive the sarees, two Bangalore-based friends Anju Maudgal Kadam and Ally Matthan made a pact of wearing sarees for 100 days in 2015. They shared their experience and memories related to each piece of sarees that they wore on Twitter. Since then, the hashtag #100SareePact has become a trending topic and has encouraged many women to embrace the Indian piece of clothing, not only on special occasions but in their day to day lives. “The saree is now the medium to tell your story. For instance, a memory, something quirky, or just how you are feeling wearing it,” reads a statement on the 100SareePact website.


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And it’s not only the celebs, who love wearing the hand-woven clothing. Praatika Mehra, 23, a luxury management student from Gurgaon loves draping the hand-woven nine-yards occasionally. When asked about what makes her choose handloom over big brands she said, “Comfort ranks first. Followed by this weird sense of responsibility towards fashion. As a fashion communication student, I have researched enough to know where our handloom sector stands, and it’s a long way to go for many weaving communities. A lot of people have this perception that handloom is expensive, but that’s not always the case. If by wearing handloom, I can inspire a few friends of mine, then why not.”


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