iWatch Unveiled on September 9, 2014.

iWatch Expected Features at the Unveiling on September 9, 2014.


iWatch Expected Features at the Unveiling on September 9, 2014.

There has been a lot of speculation on the widely anticipated launch of the Apple’s stellar iWatch this September 9th, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple famous for its glitzy product launches of products such as the iPhone, Macs and other computing devices is expecting frenzy following from its loyal audience that it regularly teases with some small preview or the other. In this article, let’s speculate what the iWatch features are likely to be on this revolutionary new Smartphone accessory.

It is generally accepted that the iWatch will be a wrist watch which is a wearable technology that will run its own version of iOS 8 and it will allow users to communicate with a tethered smart phone via the watch touch interface, view maps, control supported gadgets, as well tracking activities and monitoring your health via health apps.

iWatch Design:

With plenty of design talent working on the iWatch, such as Tag Heuer’s former Vice President Patrick Pruniaux and Paul Deneve ex CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, it is widely accepted that the iWatch will be a crucial hit with both the technology and fashion world.

As the iPhone 6 is expected to be made from metal, so might the iWatch be made of metal too, at least some renders of the iWatch show non leather straps and accessories. It might be available in two form factors one larger one for men, and a smaller version for women with display sized up to 2.5  inches diagonally. Other alternatives mean that the watch face might be curved and that the iWatch may use flexible P-OLED displays.


iWatch Software:

Running its own version of iOS 8, the OS is may be full of widgets that sit in the Notification Center and give you access to simple features. Plenty more apps maybe downloaded from the App Center in addition to widget extensions. Thanks to the Apple’s HomeKit API , the iWatch may allow you to control home gadgets such as thermostat control. In addition, the iWatch may have Biometric sensors that allow it to measure your Blood Pressure or pulse rate via medical Apps. Maps are very likely to be supported via your phone and turn by turn navigation could be delivered to a paired Bluetooth headset.

iWatch Feaures:

More likely than not , the iWatch may feature NFC, or Near Field Communication, the kind of technology that works on some smart credit cards and could be used for opening car doors or for wireless charging. Some expect that the iWatch may be powered by motion tracking, but that is unlikely. Others say that the interface may be controlled by Siri, Apple’s Voice Assistant. This might be in addition to touch navigation on the screen.

iWatch Specs:

More likely than not, under the hood specs must include minimum 8GB storage and 512 MB RAM as most smart watches come with similar specs these days. And this all should be available at a sub $400 price point, if the iWatch is anything to be a competition. Some say micro SD cards may be supported, while others speculate that the iWatch might use magnetic induction charging. Battery life is expected to be decent with no obvious need for frequent recharging.


With all these features and at a good price of sub $ 400 the iWatch may be a big hit or miss only time will tell that, but it may be worthy product if it offers something radically new or game changing.


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