Intimacy: How to spice up your sex life tonight using mobile apps.

What’s Intimacy or getting intimate? Does it only confine to routine sex with your partner or just being connected to each other emotionally and physically? Not really… It’s a combination of all the above mentioned gestures with the feeling of keeping it young and exciting every time a couple brings it on. Intimacy plays an integral part in every relationship and overall is very crucial for the smooth functioning of the relationship, may it be attachment or
attraction. But no one said that you cannot spice things up while having sex. No one is oblivious to the use of technology and it plays an important role in every activity at present times, so why not include that in sex. Sex if not revamped over a course of time, it gets monotonous and boring, which I’m sure no one wants in their lives. So let’s explore the world of technology and download these apps on the go available on the android and smart phones for a rocking sex life and get the groove on.

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This app is available on all the smart phones. Just log onto the Play store and download this app. Once it’s available to use… shake the phone for 3 to 5 seconds and explore the tantalizing horizons of sexual positions available.


Powerful Sex Foods Stimulant

Who doesn’t like a nice date with good wine and gourmet food? I’m sure everyone prefers that. So why not create the same ambience at home with this app which helps you select aphrodisiac food products and rock the night away. Available on Google Play store.

Healthy sex secrets

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Who doesn’t like to know the ins and outs of good sex life and good health at the same time. This app keeps you aware of all the information that you should know to keep yourself fit and ready for some amazing sex sessions.

Best sex dices

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Now this is one amazing sexy game that you can use during foreplay and trust me this will surely excite you like never before. It’s as simple as shaking the phone for a few seconds and follow the instructions on the dices i.e. one dice shows kiss and the second one neck,go at it.

Sex Positions- Kamasutra

The-Five-Benefits-of-Intimacy-CoachingKamasutra has always been a rave in India and abroad and has been available in the form of books since a long time, but who has the time to read books while getting intimate. This app has made it very easy for couples to experience the pleasures of Kamasutra and that too just a touch away.
I am sure that these apps will help you explore various possibilities in the sheets or even outside them. Once you are used to these apps, then let yourself loose and explore the amazing options available. Technology is a boon in every aspect of human life and routine and indeed its useful while having sex. There are so many toys that are available in the market like Vibrators, Plugs and what not. These are battery operated and very kinky however, we all use one gadget that at our disposal and very useful. It’s our cell phones. Yes, you can surely use your cell phone for pleasure and also go to the extreme of filming
yourself for kink and fun.


Things to keep in mind while filming yourself during sex:
• Do it for fun and excitement not otherwise.
• Invest in a good mini camcorder and a tripod.
• Be confident with your body and your actions. It’s for yourself not for
others to watch.
• Lose inhibitions while enjoying yourself. Trust me being conscious
takes you nowhere… I mean “Nowhere”.
• Don’t shy away from switching on the lights however dimmer the
better. Make sure you are able to see the body parts that you want to
play with.
• Be prepared with your moves. Don’t try anything that you haven’t
done before or something that’s uncomfortable. Come on we are
not filming something professional where we can say cut and resume
• Don’t imitate the porn language but don’t make a silent movie. Keep
it natural and let yourself loose.
• Keep your phone handy for some post sex selfie.
• Filming yourself while having sex can expose a lot of things that you
might not be aware of. So keep yourself groomed and take care of
these unnecessary bumps.
• Go slow and enjoy the moment. You don’t have to prove anything to
anyone. Be confident so that you don’t have performance anxiety or
finish before anything starts.
Most importantly, no matter what, never share the tape or pictures with anyone. 

Sex and being intimate is not new to anyone as far as you do it carefully and with someone that you trust. Keep it spicy, kinky and innovative and it will always keep you fresh and confident than ever. Try these tips and apps and I’m sure that the session will be new and exciting than ever.

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