International Kids Couture presents Fall/Winter’16 collection in Bengaluru

International Kids Couture celebrated kidswear, teenwear and everything in between. Some of the best designers, models, stylists, bloggers and photographers come together in one day to create a spectacular display of talent, fashion and fun!




Divas & Dudes presents International Kids Couture Winter 2016 Fashion Show in association with VR Bengaluru. This mesmerizing fashion event flaunted the Fall/Winter ’16 collection of high end kids’ fashion brands as well as Indian/International designers from across the world. IKC provides a perfect opportunity for all the little Divas & Dudes to showcase their sparkling personality and shine.


The team is super excited about the chosen venue since that will help market their label prior and post the event as well.



The International Kids Couture Fashion show aims to maximize business for all the participating designers/Brands to increase publicity in the local and international markets. An umbrella trade event such as the International Kids Couture fashion show brings together designers, retailers, corporates and target customers on a single platform to generate more business.




The International Kids Couture Winter Fashion Show believes that every child is unique and special in their own way and we strive to bring out the best in them by motivating them and building their confidence. As a part of the event, we are conducting several workshops to teach etiquette, build confidence, groom and teach kids how to walk on the runway along with executing the fashion event.


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