International & Classic flavours from CCD’s ‘Magical Brews’ are here! Tastes that will leave you spell bound this season

~ India’s leading coffee chain launches a new range of hot brews to warm up your day this festive season~

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrating the holidays and the fresh chill in the weather with family and friends are one of the many things to love about this season. India’s favourite neighbourhood, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) as expected is here to add a dash of MAGIC to the season with the launch of ‘Magical Brews’  a new range of indulgent and irresistible hot brews that will add to the festive delight. Magical Brews introduces a selection of six delicious beverages crafted to leave you spellbound!

Customers will be spoilt for choice at the variety of delicious hot brews on offer with Magical Brews. The options range from cappuccino to latte, filter coffee to hot cocoa. You name it and its there for your taking! These new offerings range from globally popular flavours to classic Indian favourites. CCD has always been at the forefront of hosting new and memorable experiences; with Magical Brews, it perfectly captures the delight and hearty emotions of festivities this season.

Magical Brews begins with a range of coffee based variants. Garnished with a swirl of whipped cream, drizzled with cocoa topping and dried cranberries, the Cranberry Latte is nothing short of enchanting. Next in line is the sinful Red Velvet Latte, a signature flavoured coffee with a secret twist of whipped cream and red velvet topping drizzled on top.

Another introduction that has always charmed coffee lovers is the Classic Filter Coffee. This eternal favourite, South Indian style coffee, will whisk you away to the coffee plantations in the hills of Chikamagalur, Karnataka. Also in the offing is the mystical Inverted Cappuccino, presenting the classic cappuccino turned on its head with steamed milk and a coffee ring, topped with foamed milk.

Chocolate lovers can now relish the taste Gourmet Hot Cocoa, a hot chocolate blend with a cream swirl, garnished with crunchy oreo cookies and the Cranberry Hot Cocoa which brings a mix of cranberry flavor with creamy hot chocolate garnished with a swirl of whipped cream drizzled with cocoa toppings and dried cranberries, truly capturing the essence of winter.

CCD’s enchanting range of hot brews starts at Rs. 91/-. So this season, transform your ordinary evening into a magical one with ‘Magical Brews’ available at all CCD outlets across the city.


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